APGLI/TSGLI- Why it is a wealth destroyer? (Telugu)

If you increase your APGLI/TSGLI premium, you may end up losing your wealth. Yes, it is true, I will explain in detail.

There is a misconception among Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Government Employees that APGLI/TSGLI will give 11.5% interest per year.

But that big mistake, I have proved that they are wrong, you can read in this article.

apgli/tsgli is a wealth destroyer

APGLI/TSGLI never said that It will give 11.5% interest on the premiums paid. You can find premium rates and bonus in this link. Click here

APGLI/TSGLI- Why it will destroy your wealth if you increase your premium?

So many Government Employees are increasing this life insurance premium over and above the mandatory limit. Yes, I agree these employees have to contribute a minimum contribution from their salary based on their salary.

Here comes the real problem, Few employees are increasing their premium subscription as high as Rs.10,000 per month. Even though the mandatory limit is only Rs.1,500.

apgli/tsgli is wealth destroyer







Scenario -1)

Now take an example that you have to contribute mandatory of Rs.2,000 per month in APGLI/TSGLI, But you are contributing Rs.10,000.

At Present your age is 35 years. You have 23 years for your retirement( it differs from state to state).

Monthly Investment                  = Rs.10,000

Rate of Return                         = 6%( read article)

No. of Months left

for retirement                          = 276

Future value of

your investment at

58 years will be                     = 58,00,000( 58 lack rupees)

Scenario 2)

You are not increasing apgli/tsgli premium over and above the mandatory limit. Just continuing mandatory premium of Rs.2,000 and balance Rs.8,000 in an Investment Instrument where you will get 10% return per year.

Rs.2,000 Investment in APGLI-

Monthly Investment                   = Rs.2,000

No. of Months done                  = 276

Interest rate is                          = 6%

Future value at age 58            = 11,64,000( 11.64 lacks)—————(1)

Rs.8,000 Investment( Where you will get 10% return)…

Monthly Investment                   = Rs.8,000

No. of Months done                  = 276

Interest rate is                          = 10%

Future value at age 58            = 80,40,000( 80.4 lacks)—————–(2)

If we add both (1) and (2) we get  value approximately Rs.92,00,000( 92 lack) which is much higher than the scenario 1).

So, it is very clear If you increase your apgli/tsgli premium over and above the mandatory limit, It will definitely destroy your wealth creation opportunity.

Life insurance and Investment should not be mixed.

Watch this viddo…

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