APGLI, TSGLI-Bond Maturity and Interest Rate? ( Telugu)

 Prior to writing this article, I made a Youtube video 8 months back regarding APGLI Maturity Calculation and TSGLI maturity and Interest Rate.

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The video got more than 10000 views and it became viral. In spite of bad video quality

I felt some more clarity and information about apgli maturity and interest rate can be given, so writing this article to give more information.


Few Police Department Employees in East Godavari are my clients those days.

You can use this APGLI online calculator to know your APGLI/TSGLI approximate retirement maturity amount. Click this link to calculate.

apgli maturity and interest

Reason for writing an article on APGLI INTEREST AND MATURITY…

One Day  I had a conversation with a Police Officer. His Rank and Designation in the Department is big.

We are talking about money matters and Different Investment options and their advantages and Disadvantages available to State Government Employees.

I told him that mutual funds will deliver 12% return in long run.

Police Officer told me that We have an Apgli investment option. APGLI means “Andhra Pradesh Government Life  Insurance“.

In this APGLI policy, all the Government Employees has to contribute minimum contribution based on the basic salary they receive.

If  Employee decides to save over and above the mandatory limit of subscription.

There is no Objection for me for all the Details and Benefits explained by the Officer.

I asked the Police Officer about the expected return from premium contribution. Then the Police Officer told me that he will be getting 11.5% interest or return every year.

I was shocked by listening to this answer. But this investment will not 11.5% interest to Government Employees. I will show you proof.


Life Insurance policies have different categories. The Endowment policy is one category. APGLI  comes under the same category.

Read this article for the policy benefits https://bit.ly/2B2f48O.

apgli interest and maturity

Watch the video in this article to know my analysis of this policy maturity and interest. You can read my other article on how you can save 23 lack rupees by decreasing apgli premium  in this link https://paisahealth.in/how-to-get-23-lakh-rupees-by-decreasing-apgli-premium-telugu/

What is the truth?

After reading all the details about APGLI/TSGLI features and benefits given on various Websites.

However, I came to know that APGLI never promised to give 11.5% interest on the premiums paid.

It declared a bonus of Rs.100 on  Rs.1000 sum assured in recent years. As a result of this, Government  Employees of Andhra Pradesh State and Telangana State started believing that APGLI/TSGLi will give 11% or 11.5% interest on the premiums paid.

Employees are saving their hard earned money in apgli with this misconception. However, To educate them about apgli maturity and interest rate, I wrote this article.

Do You still think that APGLI is going to give you 11.5% interest?

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  1. V krishnamohan
    December 2, 2018 at 7:32 am

    My work ing as a Sgt teacher in local bodymy A,B bonds received but C bond n,t reced pl ckarify

    1. Suda Bhanu Prasad
      December 5, 2018 at 9:18 am

      Sir, you have to consult APGLI office for that query.

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