Life Insurance Death Claim- How to invest this Death Claim Amount? (Telugu)

Term Life Insurance covers pure risk only.  Term Life Insurance has no bonus and maturity.  People are looking for pure risk only these days. A Lic Employee called me over the phone recently. She is a regular visitor of my Paisa Health youtube channel. The Reason is there is a LIfe Insurance Death claim in her family. For Nominee Investing  Death claim amount not known…

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life insurance death claim


What is her need? :

Recently her cousin’s son was dead. His age is 30 years. He has a mother and wife. He has no sons.  His wife age is 25 years and she is working.  He was working in Indian Navy. He has 1.5 crores worth Term Life Insurance.

Nominee in the proposal form is his Mother. Mother received 1.5 crore son’s death claim. Mother age is now 51 years.  His wife does not want any portion of the death claim. She says she can survive with her job.

Now the LIC employee who called me is asking for Investment Planning for this 1.5 crores amount received from the Life Insurance Company. Watch the full video which I made in my youtube channel to know the Investment Planning that I gave to that Mother. ( Ref Lic Employee).

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