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Suda Bhanu Prasad

Suda Bhanu Prasad

Sebi Registered Investment Advisor A Fee only Planner
I am a Sebi Registered Investment Adviser having more than 15 years of experience in the financial sector. As of now, I have nearly 40 clients and managing 10 cores of assets. My RIA license number is INA-200009050( Expiry date is 11/2022).
In addition, I am running a youtube channel called "Paisa Health" in the Telugu language to educate people about personal finance. since 2017.
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Complete name of the Investment Adviser : Suda Bhanu Prasad
Type of registration : Individual
Registration number : INA-200009050
Validity of registration : Till Nov 30, 2022
Correspondence address : GF1, Block 14, NTR Apartments, Peddapuram - 533437
Correspondence email address :
Phone number : +91-9848919211
Corresponding SEBI regional/local office : Vijayawada

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For a family three kind of health must be fine. 1.) Physical Health 2) Mental Health 3) Financial Health. Paisa Health helps its clients to be financially healthy and fit.
Paisa Health helps its clients to reach their Financial Goals like retirement, child education, wealth management etc with peace of mind.

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I’ve known Bhanu for almost 3 years and he is one of the finest Financial Planners I’ve come across. Not only does he have a thorough knowledge and expertise in his domain, he is also one of the most ethical and process oriented professional with extremely high integrity.
I attended his Financial Planning workshop and would strongly recommend everyone to attend it once. Initially I was a little apprehensive as finance is not one of my strong points, but he presented the fundamentals so clearly and in such simple terms that even a non-technical person like me could grasp the basic concepts in just one session. I’ve begun to understand the rationale behind each component and it has finally given me a push to evaluate my current investments as recommended by him.
I truly appreciate Bhanu commitment to using his skills to promote Financial awareness and using it as a tool to create a wealth portfolio to achieve not only one’s financial goals, but also life goals.

I have started my career in the year 2010. As a layman, when it comes to investments, I was thinking to test all investment options. At that time, I met Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad. He helped me in realizing tax adjusted real rate of return and Importance of asset allocation and about time value of money.  I have seen Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad, left 500 clients those who are not interested to come under fee base model.  Because of this he lost so much income by opting for a fee based model.  He would like to be unique. He wants to be client centric.   All these things made me to stick to Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad advice.  I see all other people used to manipulate me for investments (banks, agents etc.), But I used t to call Bhanu Whenever funds are in my bank account.  I am very much happy with the solutions that bhanu provides me.

Being a first Generation entrepreneur, afraid to save for long term financial goals as there won’t be a fixed income from my business. But Mr. Bhanu Prasad changed my thought process saying that “think as you are paying salary for an additional employee and invest that amount for your long term goals”. In my 15 years of business career, procrastinated many investments and realized better late than ever and started investing in Mutual Funds with guidance of Mr.Bhanu Prasad and really appreciate his efforts in making my investments in good shape.

I know Mr. Suda bhanu Prasad for the past 5 years. He has been managing my portfolio since 5 years. I am very happy with portfolio management skills and timely advices which are very useful to me. I wish him a great future ahead.

Being a high income earned and being a Doctor, I do not have much time left to look after my investments, but with the help of Suda Bhanu Prasad, I am able to get invested in right asset class at right time. I recommend High Net Worth Individuals, High Income earners to hire Mr. Bhanu to manage their wealth.

I am working as I.T Professional. I know my career I.T is not granted up to my retirement. Anything can happen in my career. I may not get the salary hike every year and I may not be jobless for few months to few years in my field. Mr. Bhanu helped me to manage financial goals with his Financial Planning.  Even P. V Sindhu needs a Coach to get the medal.  Mr. Bhanu is my Coach when it comes my Financial Journey.

I am working in IT field for 5 years and fortunately my earning falls in top 10% of the salaried people at my age. Still I save 40% to 50% of my salary in investments. Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad helped in understanding my needs for rest of my life and he proactively invests my savings.
He has a good knowledge of current market and foresees the Indian market and motivates/guides me in doing investments for my rest of my life.
I recommend to take inputs from him and make your future life happier. Save a rupee of your income today and live happier for next decade.

I am working in State Bank of India. As employee of Nationalized bank, I have Employee provident fund, Contributory Pension Fund. Mr Suda Bhanu Prasad made helped me in realizing that my contribution towards Contributory Pension Fund and Employee Provident Fund are not enough to accumulate corpus for my retirement. He also helped to invest for my two children education. I recommend Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad to my friends and relatives as an Advisor as my people around me also must Financially Healthy like me.

I am working as lecturer in corporate college and I do not have time to manage my own finances. Luckily one day, I found an advisor who made me sleep happily.  I took Financial planning from Mr. Suda Bhanu Prasad and following since 3 years. So far, I am very happy with the plan and proceedings.  I am a very good saver of money. But do not know the way to best utilize it.  Mr. Bhanu helped in doing that. Prior to meeting bhanu, I used to run behind returns, Now I am running behind my goals.

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