Investment Adviser- Do you think that he gives only Investment Advice?

Investment Adviser means he gives only Investment Advice. This is the perception among most people. But the truth is He gives advice beyond investments.

What Most People think about Investment Adviser…

When some body asks me about my occupation.

I will tell them that I am a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

Investment Adviser- Do you think that he gives only Investment Advice?
People Think he is an Agent…

But Most People immediately will ask me this question frequently i.e are you Insurance Agent or Mutual Fund Agent etc.

Some People thinks that they have to meet Investment Advisers when they have money in the hand to invest.

But the thinking of above category of people is completely wrong.

An adviser who gets a licence from Sebi has the capability of advising people beyond Investments.

He is not a product seller like insurance agents or Mutual Fund Agents etc.

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Investment Adviser will help you to get the verdict in your favor in CiVil Cases…

Prior to tell you about this example, I will you one incident which I have experienced in my childhood.

I used to hear parents conversation with curiosity when I was a Child.

But they do not know that I am listening.

One day they are talking a murder occurred in my village.

The murder story is like this.

A Family had killed one of their Family member and after that member was dead.

They went to the R.M.P Doctor in the Village.

Later on, this issue went to courts and the court asked the R.M.P Doctor about the death mystery.

R.M.P Doctor(witness) has given his evidence that injured person already dead before he brought to him.

As a result of R.M.P Doctor evidence, Court sentenced the culprits some years of punishment.

In the above story, the R.M.P Doctor( witness) helped the court to know the truth and give its verdict on the murder.

The Court has given verdict based on R.M.P Doctor evidence because being a professional, He has the skill to judge whether the injured person is alive or not prior to bringing him to the clinic.

Recently I have attended a Conference by Network FP which I used to attend every year.

In this conference Planners like me will come to learn new skills and share new ideas each other.

In this Conference one Women Adviser shared her experience with a women client.

That women client attempted suicide 3 times before coming to meet the women Adviser.

The lady got married 20 years back and both wife and husband are doing job all these years.

Their Relation about to break…

But from few years their relation was not good.

In addition, They are about to take divorce.

All these years, she had given her earning to her husband, and the husband bought assets in his name with that money.

Now, the husband said to her that he will only 10 lakh as settlement.

But she has lot of loans to clear.

She took all these loans to give money to her husband.

As a result of this cheating by her husband, she is depressed and would like to die her self.

The Women adviser helped the lawyer of lady client about the compensation to be demanded from the husband for the marriage settlement in the Court.

The Lady Client followed Women Investment Adviser with the help of Lawyer.

As a result this, after 2 years the Court had given verdict that the husband has to compensate 2 crores to his wife as a marriage settlement.

In the above example, the Women Adviser has not given any Investment Advice. But Women Adviser’s advice helped the working lady to settle CIVIL Dispute with her husband very easily.

As Women Adviser knows the time value of money concept very well, she calculated the corpus would have been created if the working lady had invested herself without giving to her husband.

So, Investment Advisers like me will help our Clients to settle their CIVIL disputes easily.

Investment Adviser will help you in losing your own house too…

Yes, Investment Advisers will help you in protecting your own house too.

I will explain my own experience with my client.

Two years back Studio Owner came to Office to get Financial Planning done for him.

He read some Telugu books about Financial Planning and realized the importance of the Certified Financial Planner role in Financial Planning.

I gave him Financial Planning based on his Financial Situation and his goals.

Studio Owner is doing Network Marketing Business…

Apart from reading books about Financial Planning, he also read the Book which talks about Network Marketing Business.

As he has greed of earning more money, he started a Network Marketing business prior to meeting me by taking loan(Mudra) of 20 lakh from the Bank.

Not only he took the loan for this Network Marketing business But also he had given the products he had purchased in Network Marketing to the people for credit.

But the people took the products from him were not paying him money even after using the products.

I had realized that his Financial Health is not good after analyzing his financial situation.

I Know that he will lose much more wealth if he continues to do the Multi Level Marketing that he was doing that time.

He bought Bigger House which he can not afford…

Not only He was doing this bad business but also he bought a bigger house .

But this bigger house is not affordable to him.

Hence being an Investment Adviser, I had advised him to stop Network Marketing business that he was doing immediately and also advised to sell his existing own house and buy a small house to stay.

I also cautioned him if he will not do the things which I had advised to him that you may be left without a small own house also, and you might have to live in rent house again like 5 years back.

But he didn’t listen my words and went away.

He continued to do the Network Marketing Business and not sold his existing own house.

Recently, I met his uncle.

That Uncle told me that Studio Owner had lost another 20 lakh in these 2 years in Network Marketing Business and he is about to sell his house.

He also said that the Studio Owner would be out of funds to buy a smaller house also now after selling existing house.

So, He would have been saved lot wealth and at least one small own house if followed 2 years back.


I think now those who read this article understood that Sebi Registered Investment Adviser will give advice beyond Investments, and he is not a product seller like insurance agents etc.

He knows the importance of Time Value of Money in one’s Financial Life.

In addition, he will be having professional qualification like CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER) or NISM-LEVEL-1 AND LEVEL -2.

Moreover, He would have seen so many case studies in his practice.

He is a solution provider and helps his clients to maximize their wealth with a lesser number of mistakes.

Also, he helps you to control your behavior so that you will take right Financial decisions.

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