INVESTMENT PLANNING-What is in our hand? (Telugu)

what is Investment? :

We earn money every month. We have to save some money for our future financial needs. Investment planning required for this purpose. After doing this planning Investments has to be done.

We have to consider few parameters while doing this planing like Inflation, expected Return on Investment, No of years left for the goal and amount available to invest immediately etc.

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Future Value of Investment :

In Investment Planning  Time Value of Money plays an important role.

Formulae For Future Value =  PV*(1+R)^N

Pv means Present Value of the investment available.

R- Return expected from the investment

N- No. of years investment will be done

Future Value Depends :

On the three factors, Present Value of amount invested, return on investment, and No. of years the investment will be done. As a result of the change in any one parameter in the above formulae will change. So, More the present value or return or no of years more will be the future value.

But while doing Investment planning and Investments we have control over the present value of investment and number of years of investment. In investments return on investment is not in our hand. So,  We can control over a number of years and the present value of investment only.

Conclusion :

If we increase the parameters in the formulae more future value it will show.  But to get more Future Value, we have to invest in real life. But people tend to postpone their investments.

The more they delay the less will be the future value we will get in future. If we continue to delay our Investment Planning and Investments, the present value of the investment will also increase significantly and one -day present value of investment also will be out of reach.

So, It is good to invest immediately to get the more future value of the investment. Watch the youtube video made by about this concept in detail.






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