Shopping Malls Discount – Which discount is Good? Flat Discount? or Discount Coupons? (Telugu)

Recently I went to Main Road in my city for buying clothes.  While looking at the discount offers available at different shops and  Malls. I came to know there is a different kind of discounts given by the different cloth stores and  Shopping Malls.   I tried to analyze which discount offer is best for me.











Here, I am not talking about the quality of the cloth or Variety of Cloth. Only  I would like to analyze which Discount Offer best suits me. I found sellers are mainly offering two kinds of offers.

  1. Flat Discount offer
  2.  Discounted Coupons

Flat Discount: Flat Discount means,  shop or Mall is giving straight away discount of 10% to 20% on my purchase.

 Discount Coupons:  This kind of discount is offered only when if purchase some clothes today with full money paid. Then the Shop or Mall will

give me some Coupons ( Discount mentioned), I can utilize these coupons in my next purchase in the same Shop or                                               Mall.

I got the following two discount offers at two different places.

1st Place…

On Rs.5,000 Purchase flat 20% discount i.e Rs.1,000 as discount.

2nd place…

1st purchase I have to buy clothes worth Rs.6,000, in 1st purchase I will not get discount, But the Mall will give me Discount Coupon which can be utilized in the 2nd purchase if I buy clothes worth Rs.3,000, then I will get Rs.1,500 discount.

Watch this video to know which option is better for You.

Also, to analyze this thing you should get knowledge about the time value of money. click this link to learn about time value money.

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