Financial Planning_ Why it will fail if you listen to Society?

Yes, It is true your financial Planning will fail if you listen to society.

Financial Planning will fail if you listen to society
Financial Planning will fail if you listen to society

Recently I got a call from an I.T employee who already took financial planning from an other Sebi Registered Investment Adviser.

Why he contacted me for me?

He called me for a 2nd opinion over his “House Planning“.

Moreover, He thinks that his Investment Adviser allowing him to buy a house.

His adviser advised him not to buy a house till his retirement.

But people around this I.T employee and his family members are asking him frequently that when he will buy a house.

Why this guy wants to deviate from his adviser?…

This I.T employee understood the planning which is advised by his Investment Adviser and ready to implement the plan completely.

As per the plan, he has to buy a house only when he retires.

But he is slowly deviating from his plan as his family members and people around him repeatedly asking him about the house.

When ever he feels depressed about the house, he is calling his Investment Adviser about the modification in the plan.

But as the the adviser knows that if he buys a house now, his retirement planning will be compromised.

In addition, Investment Adviser started scolding this I.T employee for not listening to his words.

I.T employee contacted me over phone for this reason.

But in this case nothing can be done by me for him as his Investment Adviser has given him the right advice.

I said him to follow his Investment Adviser advice.

What is the moral from this case study?…

I had worked in a fruit whole sale shop at at Visakhapatnam 20 years back.

That Fruit shop is famous for Kerala Pineapple.

There was a Lorry Owners strike for 15 days.

As a result of this strike there is huge demand for pineapple.

Fruit Shop owner brought pineapple by rail transport and sold at very high price.

But the Juice shop Owners as people are demanding for Pineapple juice, they are helpless and selling pineapple juice with a loss(due to high prices at whole sale fruit shop).

Juice makers know that they will get loss in pineapple juice, but still making the juice for a loss.

So, the moral is it is very difficult to face the public sometimes.

Similarly, This I.T employee help less and not able to convey his family members and society around him.

The truth is When people want to follow family planning, Education planning had faced similar kind of objection.

But who fought against society and did family planning and education planning earlier than others are Financially stable than the rest.

Now, majority of people are following Family Planning and Education Planning.

Similarly, there are no proofs to show for Financial Planning and also lack awareness about planning, people trying to fail those who are following the planning.


It is not an easy job to make the financial planning success.

God should save this this I.T employee.

This may be happening as women in Indian society are not supposed to take financial burdens.

Out of 100% views of my you tube channel only 6% are women viewers.

This tells some story that women do not know importance of Financial Planning.

This is the same case with this wife of I.T Employee.

She is in Illusion that they can achieve their retirement corpus even after they buy a house.

But time value of money telling something else.

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