EPF NOMINATION RULES EXPLAINED-How to check and change Nominee details online? (Telugu)

Most of us not Known the importance of “EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND”  Nomination. If you do not consider it seriously, then better to understand the EPF Nominee rules and benefits. Then check nomination details and if changes required, then better to do the changes when it is required the changes to be done in the EPF portal.

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EPF Nomination Rules Explained…

What are the EPF Nominee rules? How Many time can we change the nominee? Let us discuss them in detail.

  1. Your all EPF accounts must have the nomination in place. This makes easy fund transfer in case of your sudden death.

2  You can nominate more than one nominee and also fix the % of sharing among all such nominees.

3.  we should always nominate someone who can be considered as a family member. A non-family nominee is not valid.

4.  If you have no family, then you can nominate someone. However, once the member has a family the nomination should be transferred to the family member

5.  If you nominated someone before marriage, then post marriage you have to update your spouse as a nominee. If you do not update then the nominations made before the marriage will be considered invalid. It is necessary to file new nominations, post marriage.

6   In case a minor is a nominee, the guardian should be the family member. However, if there is no family member to become a guardian, then the employee can appoint a guardian from outside family.

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7     If there is no nomination the EPF amount would be equally distributed among family members. The sons who have attained maturity, sons of a deceased son who have attained maturity, married daughters whose husbands are alive and married daughters of a deceased son whose husbands are alive are not considered for such distribution. You should be aware of all the benefits.

8    You can change the nomination “n” number of times as you wish in your EPF account.

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Rights of the nominee in EPF You Should Know...

What are the rights of the nominee in EPF? Whether the nominee will be the natural owner of the funds of once the  Employee was dead? The answer is NO

Nominee here acts just like a trustee. He has the rights to receive the EPF funds of the deceased employee. But, he has no rights to claim the ownership of the fund. The EPF fund should be then distributed to legal heirs of the employee according to the legal heir’s law.

This is the reason it is always best that EPF nomination should be your legal heir only. Otherwise, you will create a legal tussle with your family in your absence.

How to check EPF Nomination Online, Change Nomination Online?

Watch this video.

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