Digital Locker- What are its features and benefits? (Telugu)

Government Of India Launched this Digital Locker facility to all citizens of India.

Digital Locker enables us to use our documents in a paperless manner. Below are the main benefits…

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Digital locker features



 Digital Locker Features and Benefits…

The government is planning a major expansion of the Digital Locker project to push its agenda of a paperless administration.

It is an online repository of certificates and important documents such as driving licenses and Aadhaar Card, Educational Certificates that can be authenticated in real time. More than 9 million people are using this locker facility.

In July 2016 this locker is launched.

People of India call this locker as Digi-Locker.

The results of the Central Board of Secondary Education exams and the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test for medical and dental courses etc were sent directly to the Digital Locker.

The ministry of skill development has agreed to issue all its certificates(Documents) for various kinds of training in the Digital Locker accounts of citizens.

People seeking employment have at least 20-25 certificates on average and have to submit these documents to the employer, which are then verified by employers, Gupta said.

“Once the certificates are in the Digi-Locker, they can be verified instantaneously and in a paperless manner,”

He said. Which makes the process easier.

UIDAI tops on the list…

Currently, the top issuers of Digital Locker are the Unique Identification Authority of India(UIDAI), which administers the Aadhaar project.

The ministry of road transport and highways, which issues driving license and vehicle registration certificates, and the ministry of petroleum, among others.

ditital locker

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Some States India already started issuing Digital Certificates…

States such as Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh have also started enabling filing of birth certificates, income and caste certificates directly into Digi-Locker accounts.

Gupta said the ministry is now targeting the ministry of agriculture, which issues certificates such as those for fertilizers and pesticides.

“These departments will drive the usage of Digi – Locker in the rural and semi-urban areas since the usage of certificates is much more in those areas compared to urban places,” Gupta said.

He said the challenge is to create awareness among authorities on the move such as traffic police about the authentication feature of Digital Locker.

In future usage of Physical documents will not be there.

Companies and Government Departments will accept the documents in soft copy format.

So, this Digi-Locker is a  very useful option for Indian people to store their documents online.

We can sign digitally with the help of Aadhar E-sign and can share these signed digital documents whenever required.

Watch this video which I made on Digital Locker features and its usage.

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