Tithe – How it will make you poor?

Tithe – How it will make you poor?

Christians used to give Tithe in the churches. But do you know that you will lose a minimum of 55 lakh wealth doing so and will become poor?

In this article, I will explain how this Tithe will ruin Christians’ wealth and pastors will become rich.

Before talking about pastors, I will tell you about Hindu Archaka.

Hindu Archaka in the temple will not ask for this Tithe kind of money collection from the devotees.

In fact, If the Archaka will concentrate on the education for his children, and not on collecting money from the devotees and loot the devotees.

While at the same time, Pastors misuse the Tithe money and will lead a luxurious life like maintaining a big car and having big buildings, etc.

But we rarely see Archaka having big wealth or luxuries cars etc.

Let’s take a case study to understand this Tithe concept better.

Case Study for the Tithe…

A person called X whose is age 25 years.

In addition, He is earning Rs.10,000 per month, and his retirement age is 60 years.

Moreover, his income is expected to grow by 7% every year.

Let’s assume that X is giving Tithe to the church.

Then, he has to give Rs.12,000 as Tithe to the church ( pastor).

However, this Rs.12,000 will grow by 7% every year as his income will increase every year.


you can see in the above image that Mr. X’s income is growing by 7% every year.

But if Mr. X invests this 10% saving in an asset class where he can get an 8% return on investment what will happen?

Mr. X will lose 55 lakh wealth because of the charity…

Tithe – How it will make you poor?

You can see in the above image in the last column, the Christian ( Mr. X)  would have accumulated 54.6 lakh wealth if he has not given any Tithe to the Church ( Pastor).

So, it is very clear, these pastors are following the corporate approach, and they do mind you ( Christians) becoming poor.

As a Sebi Registered Investment Adviser, I know How tough it is to save for your future financial goals like child higher education, child marriage, and retirement goals.

If you donate god will give more money is a myth.

For Mr. X in the example, 54 lakh is a very big amount at retirement.

But If he tithing will make him helpless, and he will not save for his future and he will become poor.

In fact, after tithing also if his situation is not improved, he may do an unethical thing.

Lile Govt Employee taking a bribe and the businessman cheating its customer etc.

There is a famous quotation in India “Virtue that defiles itself”.

The quotation meaning is that you should take care of yourself, then can look for charity later.

But after seeing the above image it is very clear, that Mr. X is not eligible for the charity.

Most Indian Christians who are forcibly converted as Christians are losing their wealth for the sake of pastors’ wealth to grow.

I hope, at least some Christians after reading this article will stop giving the “TITHE” and will save their hard-earned money and wealth.













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