Investment Future Value- How to Calculate it? (Telugu)

We all work and earn money for our daily household expenses. Then we will spend on household expenses, we try to do investment in the mutual fund, shares, real estate and Life insurance etc for our future Financial needs.


Banks will print investment Future value on the deposit slip

You may be thinking to buy a house or planning for child higher education etc. But before starting to do invest, it is always better to calculate the future value that you will get from your investment.

When you deposit money in  Bank Fixed Deposits, They will issue Deposit slip stating the maturity value.

Real Estate, Mutual Fund, Shares and Life Insurance you do not know the Future Value.

We can calculate Future Value if we know a few parameters.

Parameters like the rate of return(interest or profit percentage), the amount invested and the number of years.

There are different ways that we can calculate the future value of the amount invested.

For doing this we need few formulae.

I made a youtube video in my channel about this calculation.  Please do watch to know to how to calculate future value of the amount invested in these different asset classes.

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