VRK Diet- What it is?How to Cure Diabetes with out Vrk Diet?

Vrk Diet to Cure Diabetes and to lose Over Weight is famous in India.  Now many people are following this Diet in India. Do not watch the video in this article, if you do not Telugu. As the language spoken in the video is Telugu.

Who Invented Vrk Diet?

Veeramachaneni Rama Krishna invested this diet.  He is from Andhra Pradesh, India. Therefore it is called a Vrk Diet.  This diet brought a revolutionary change in Indian medical history.  He says that more fat intake will reduce overweight and cures diabetes.

vrk diet for diabetes

Vrk has a Freind.  That friend has Diabetes. He advised the friend to use 90 grams of Coconut oil as food. His friend consumed only Coconut Oil for three months without taking any other food. As a result of this diet, his sugar levels are under desired levels without taking any medicine.  The friend stopped this diet after three months.

Now even though he is consuming normal food, his diabetes not came back. Mr. Ramakrishna also followed this diet for some days to lose his weight. Surprisingly, He also lost his weight considerably. Then Mr. Rama Krishna introduced this diet to some of his known people. Because of this diet, They also got good results. Then Mr. Rama Krishna decided to spread this diet information across India.


Vrk advised people to use a liquid diet for first fifteen days. In liquid diet, only liquids are consumed.  Foods like fruits, rice are not allowed.  Four Pillars of this diet are used in Liquid Diet.

What are Four Pillars in this Diet?

The Four pillars in this diet are 1. Daily Three to Six Lemons. 2. Daily Four to Five Liters of Drinking Water. 3. Daily 90 grams of  Extra Virgin Oil or Coconut Oil or Cheese. 4. Daily two Multi Vitamin Tablets. These four pillars must be consumed daily in Liquid Diet

Imp Note

In taking of tablets related to Diabetes must be stopped. As a result of this diet, sugar levels will come down. Kidney Patients should not follow this diet.

What is One Meal and Two Meal in Vrk Diet? :

One Meal and Two meal means consuming fried veg or Non-Veg curries only after liquid diet. These curries must be fried in extra virgin oil or Coconut Oil or Cheese.  In this diet, this one meal and two meal diet are for 75 days. While consuming this meal diet also the four pillars must be followed. In this meal diet also rice, wheat, juice, fruits and sweets etc should not be consumed. One meal means 250 grams of curry once in a day. Two meals 250 grams of curry twice in a day. Daily 90 grams of Oil must be consumed including the oil used for frying the curries. In this meal, some curries like potato and vegetables similar to potato are not allowed.

What to Do after 90 days of Vrk Diet?

Vrk says after completing of 90 days this diet.  People can consume normal food items like white rice, wheat etc but with caution. He advises Foxtail millet rice as a substitute to white rice and wheat. He also advises avoiding Sun Flower oils for cooking Food. If people follow this disciplined approach, diabetes will not come back in their life according to vrk.

vrk diet for diabetes

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My Own Experience with Vrk Diet…

In January, 2016,  I got diabetes.  My wife is also diabetic much before me. I  used to consume single tablet Daily. My wife situation was different than me. She was consuming daily up to six tablets to keep the sugar levels normal. As her food habits are not under control. We both have overweight. We observed people reaction over VRK DIET.  After seeing positive responses from the people about his diet. We decided to start this diet after consulting our  Family Doctor. Our Family Doctor gave us permission to follow this diet with some precautions. We followed the liquid diet for five days. We followed One meal diet next fifteen days. As advised by Vrk, We stopped taking Diabetes Tablets from the first day of the diet.

Surprisingly My sugar level came to desired levels from the first day. My wife sugar levels are in about 160 to 250 range. But we kept on following this diet for 20 days. But we felt very hard liquid diet to continue. One meal diet looked nice for first five days. Later on,  we felt one meal diet also hard to continue. Prior to This vrk diet, consuming this kind of curries is very easy for us. But consuming only fat in the form of Oil and curries without Rice is a very hard thing to do. All these twenty days my sugar levels are around 100 to 120 levels and my wife sugar levels are around 160 to 230. We both lost some good weight around 10 kg to 15 kg.

Conclusion …

After completion of twenty days of this Vrk Diet,  We had decided to skip this diet for a few days. We started consuming normal food which We used to consume earlier with a slight change. We started making Idly and Dosa and Upma with Fox Tail Millet Rice.   The taste these Breakfast items are very delicious. We started enjoying this new tasty Break Fasts. We started cooking eating cooked Foxtail Millet Rice along with cooked curries. But we found it very difficult to eat this rice along with curries. But slowly we started enjoying this taste also.

My sugar levels are normal even after started consuming rice etc. My wife Sugar levels are under control unlike earlier to Vrk Diet.  As a result of this Vrk Diet,  Now she is consuming only one tablet per day for Diabetes instead of Six Tablets which she used to consume. We tried to test by eating sweets, ice creams, fruits and Biriyani etc but with caution. Surprisingly our sugar levels are perfectly fine just I said above. I am sure even my wife Diabetes will be cured if she can do some little exercise which I am doing now.

Now Six months over for our own Vrk Diet experience. But  My Diabetes never came back and My wife diabetes is under control with one tablet per day.  Mr. Vrk says this diet must be done for ninety days.  May people in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana State are following for ninety days and some people beyond that also.

My Recommendation…

But according to my opinion,  There is no need to continue the Vrk Diet for ninety days. People can do two things. 1. Following Vrk Diet for twenty days and then after eating food with caution and doing some exercise. 2. Start Eating Fox Tail Millet etc in place white rice. If you follow the first step i.e vrk diet results will much faster. If you follow only Rice change also, the result will come. But it may be the slower result.







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  1. Suda Bhanu Prasad
    December 9, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Start This diet only after consulting your Family Doctor. This diet is not advisable for type-I Diabetic patients and Kidney Patients. You can eat Fox tail millet rice up to 100 grams after noon and 100 grams in Dinner along with curries. For doing this you do not need doctors advice. But do remember, As a result of consuming this rice, your sugar levels will come down. So, When started using this rice check your sugar levels daily and adjust your tablet dose accordingly. So that you can change the dose according to the sugar levels.

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